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I am Tabitha (psychic extension 531). I have been a practicing professional psychic reader for over three decades. I use my psychic clearvoyant gifts, as well as my empathic abilities, to assist my clients in many areas. However, love and romance are my specialties. I can tap into those gifts to help you come up with unique, personalized gift ideas and get you finished with your holiday shopping today!

Some non-relationship issues, at which I am also skilled, include finding lost items and people,pet communication and I have been consulted to find missing children in the past.

I often consult runes,crystals and angels for my readings and am adept at numerology. Please let me know at the beginning of our reading if there is a particular modality that you prefer.

My Testimonial List is lengthy, of which I am proud -- not just for this distinction but for the thousands of people that I have helped during my career. I would be proud to render you my services as well, so please call me today.

I just wanted to say how amazing and special this woman is. She works so very hard an gives of her time and gifts with such compassion an is so genuinely caring. She is s favorite for a reason. Her gifts are very far reaching in sight and accuracy. She always focus's on the positives an gives you ways to deal with the negative. I am faced with some very hard life moments an there's been a few people helping me throug this in my private life an on this site. Tabitha thank you for tonight shorter then I'd if liked to talk. But we'll catch up. Thank you for always directing me back towards hope in this process. When I want to give up.. it's like having you in my own person cheering corner. I know you are well loved by ur clients. We are so lucky to have you.

Alicia- Reno, NV   Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I have developed a close relationship with Tabitha. I call her Sister. One doesn't say this for just anyone unless there is something special about that person. Tabitha has proven from day one that my problem is as if it was hers to solve. Knowing her for almost nine months, she has always told me honest predictions, even if it is hard to digest. It is her ability to communicate that touches your heart. Some of her predictions have already come to past as true and accurate. On some, we are still waiting for God Almighty to Bless them to me. Tabitha has proven to be 95% accurate when it comes to timings of predictions. Humbled with honest predictions makes her different from many I have met in life. She has never claimed to be God Almighty. She has always stressed that on most life events, she can see the timings of events but on some, she is only given the surety of a life event to take place, but the timing of an event in the future can be unclear at times. It is because of the Blessings of God Almighty that have put Tabitha in my life that I have waited patiently Praying to God Almighty and not acted in haste which would have ultimately led me to regret later in life. Her gifted ability to see in the future, and her caring attitude towards me has saved me from making mistakes that would have otherwise proved to be disastrous had I not consulted her. In summary, all her predictions have come to past with timings mostly accurate by 95%. On her latest predictions, which are also very important to me in life, have yet to come to past. I could not wait any longer to drop my testimony about her. She has proven to be a valuable asset to many people. Tabitha may sometimes be difficult to get a hold of, a testimony in itself that she has a special gift people constantly return to her for help because of her special ability God Almighty has given her. Despite her busy schedule, she often has me paged by the Office, where she updates me with critical events in my life. That tells me that she is looking after my issues of life and informs me immediately to alert me. I have never seen anyone do this for me, which is what makes her even more special. I would recommend everyone to reach out to her and for those reading my testimony that already know her, would attest to my statement as true. May God Bless Tabitha and I thank the mostgiftedpsychic network for enabling Tabitha in helping other people in need.

Raza - Houston, TXnbsp; Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I have been working with Tabitha for almost a year now. I had lost all hope of my wife coming back to me. Tabitha told me that she was coming back to me and we were going to renew our vows. Well, my wife is back with me and she wants to renew our vows. So, don't give up. Tabitha and I were like brother and sister, always fighting and arguing. Thank you Tabitha for all your help. Take Care!

- Jerry from Charlotte, N.C.  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I want to thank you Tabitha. My drivers license had been missing for two weeks. I need to travel and needed it. I asked you, you said to "look in your car in b/t the seat". I called and prayed with my prayer partner as well to locate it. My prayer was heard, I looked down and it was in between the seat, just as you said. You were SPOT ON! I had looked around in my car before and hadn't seen it but I didn't search under the seat or between. It was there. Thank you. Just Fyi: I asked two other psychics on a different service, one told me it was at a restauraunt, the other said in my home I pass it everyday, it's under papers. You were right!!! Thanks for listening all the times I call you and encouraging me. For being honest and staying positive. God is positive! I choose to believe you and come into agreement and have faith for the very best. Thank you again. You have blessed me so much. You've been accurate about everything I've asked you and it has been lifechanging!

- -anon- from CA  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha is amazing, she is incredible, and she is true. I trusted her completely while she continues to help and support me on my journey........more of this amazing love story to come so stay tuned :) I LOVE you Tabitha!!!!

- Lisa from Anchorage, Alaska  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

she rocks! I will be back! !

- Carrie  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I would like to give a testimonial regarding Tabitha. She was straight to the point and touched on major points I needed to hear. I will be calling her often!

- Natasha from OH,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha is really Awesome.

- Sh from GA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha was really pleasant and helpful. I found her reading to be really powerful and I agreed with what she said. I really enjoyed the reading and recommend her.

- Maria,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

thanks for telling my the truth

- Stephanie from VA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I don't usually do this, but I wanted to share my feelings and experience with Tabitha so that she might possibly be able to help someone else as much as she has helped me. I know when calling on a Psychic reader it can be difficult to know who to trust. I have worked with Tabitha for almost two years now and I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. She is Amazing! I have had many readings from other Psychics and I have to say, Tabitha is the most authentic reader I have ever spoken with. I know when I speak with her it's real, she doesn't just tell me what I want to hear. She has predicted things that no one else did. Through her predictions and advice, I am in the most incredible relationship of my life. She has also guided me in business and other personal issues. If it wasn't for Tabitha, I would not be where I am. She is authentic and sincere. I highly recommend her. CALL her, you will not be disappointed! TY Tabitha. :)

- Shelly from CA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha was very accurate and straight forward. She doesn't give you those cold, none-detailed readings like the other psychics out there do. Very caring and straight forward person...even if you dont want to hear it!!! Keep up the good work...thx!!!

- Netta from MS,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I have had many readings over the past couple of months, Tabitha being among one of the first I spoke with during a tough time. She is AMAZING. she told me of something that would happen that at the time didn't make sense but came true just like she said! Just waiting for part two of the prediction now :)

- A. from NV,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

OMG, Please call her she 's good

- Lisa from GA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

she was so good really confident. all good stuff i hope it comes to fruition.

- Sam from CA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha has been a God send. She is the most accurat psychic I have ever spoken with. I can't wait to speak with her again.

- Vicki from SD,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I had a great reading and she gave me great advice. I look forward to seeing if her predictions come true. Thanks for the reading.

- Jennifer from IL,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Thank you so much for giving me the courage and the hope to hang on just a little longer. You were very accurate about my brat and his ways. I thought I was being foolish loving him the way that I do. I am praying that your predictions come true. I cant see my life with him. It would be like living life without colors. I will keep you posted definitely! 5 stars plus one for you******

- Christina from NC,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha really set my mind at ease when it came to questions about a recent relationship of mine. Everything she said made perfect sense.

- James from AZ,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

It was a wonderful experience to talk to Tabitha I asked her alot of questions and she had no problem answer each one,and spot on thanks.

- Jodi from MA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

Tabitha is a really nice person to talk to about almost anything. She really makes me feel good and if what she told me about my son happens - I really be happy for him. I have to wait for some more of the things she told me but she was right on quite a few things. Thanks again

- Janet from IL,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I have been consulting with Tabitha for the past few months. She has been a tremendous insite. Very accurate & straight to the point. I trust her and will deffinately be calling back.

- Vicki from SD,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

I have spoken with Tabitha several times and she's been very honest and straight forward. She doesn't sugar coat anything. Her reading has always been the same, she hasn't strayed or deviated from what she initially told me when we first spoke. Thank you Tabitha for at least making me feel like I have some hope. Now only time will tell.

- Cindy from PA,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531

This was the best psychic reading I've ever had. At the beginning of the reading Tabitha did warn me that she was an HONEST reader, and would NOT tell me things that weren't true. I believe her 100%, which made me feel factastic about the reading!

- Erin from IL,  Reading with Tabitha at Ext 531