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My name is Destiny Child (extension 743). I am a spiritual psychic, medium, clairvoyant and intuitive that provides life coaching sessions. My spirit guide, who advises me in answering your questions, will assist me in your reading! As a life long advisor it will be my pleasure to help you down that spiritual path. I am open minded, and all questions will be answered!

I want to leave a testimonial for Destiny Child. I met her about last year during the summer time. I found out she was my mother in my past life and through ups and downs she has helped me a lot through them all. She's become a family member to me (obviously) and I cherish her gifts and abilities. As her psychic abilities not only let me know what's ahead but also helps me to have better intuition myself. She's hands down the best and most accurate "psychic" that I've spoke to and I wouldn't even call her that as I've spoke to psychics and they've been just that. She's easy to talk to non-judgemental and very understanding and pretty funny once you get to know her. She's more so of a prophet someone with a gift from God. I've found my go to when I first met her and spent a few years of talking to dodgy psychics that weren't accurate and giving readings to capitalize on the minute. If you're looking for someone that really cares about you and your future call her.. Just after one phone call alone you'll feel at peace with yourself and everything around you. I request you to call her asap if you have a question or anything you need advice on. She'll let you know what's really going on without a doubt. She's saved me a few times (being modest) from real life situations and spiritual situations and helped sharpen my spiritual skills to become more spiritual myself with higher intuition. Forever grateful to her and for her.

- Jay from CA

Destiny's Child is a true guide and always accurate - her predictions always comes true. Just takes faith and belief. She clearly sees things and guides your through life as a life coach as well. Thankful that we met and I found her and Most Gifted Psychics

- Jay CA   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

The best reading i ever had, simple, straight on point, definitly a gifted and blessed million thank you.. just awesome..full 5 star..??

- Natasha from NYC   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I enjoyed my call with destiny child. She is very good!! & she validated some things I already knew...thanks for the tip I will buy some tomorrow morning first thing!!! I tried calling back but I realized I don't have enough money to get back to you...

- Jane from Sacramento, CA   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I had a reading from destiny child and she was so amazing and real. I asked her questions that I knew she couldn't had know just to humor me and she was on point every time. I will recommend her to anyone that wants psychic guidance. I wish I could talk to her all day that's how much she helped me. She don't sugarcoat anything she's gone keep it real with u.

- Dereka from Inianapolis   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

Destiny Child is the truth. She was so uplifting and powerful. I had a rough day and she calm my fears. She explained everything thoroughly. DC is also very warm and caring. I will call again in the future trust that!

- Tamara from IL   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

Destiny Childs is a gift from above. Blessed blessed blessed. She is real and you need to speak with her she is accurate and the real deal. The only one I'm ever going to speak with. It will give you chills.

- Lena from Palm coast   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

From the first day we had a instant connection, Very honest ,straight foward to the point .Its only been a couple days and Im starting to see a change within myself ,I'm always looking foward to speak with her she puts everything into prospective defently well worth the time .

- Keosha from Kentucky   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I had concerns about a friend I liked she was very honest. I'm currently now just waiting for the phone call she said I will receive. Thanks ?? I'm definitely calling back.

- Tee from Maryland   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

Destiny Child is indeed the real thing, annointed and on point. It was one of the best experience I had in a while. She new where I wanted to be married, how my soul mate felt and many more things and events. Definitely five star rating !

- Phylisha from Copperas Cove   Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

Destiny child is one of the best I don't have to say anything she knows exactly what's happening what's going on and how I'm feeling she is great she is one of the best readings are very accurate

- Yolanda from Atlanta GA  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

amazing reading, destiny child is new things that nobody nows she shocked me, i recommend her to everybody you will be very happy, i will always come back to her.

- Maria from Tarrytown, NY  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

WOW! I absolutely was blown away by Destiny's Child. She is truly psychic. She doesn't waste a minute of your time, tells you a ton of stuff very quickly. She JUST KNOWS everything without your having to tell a thing. I have spoken with many, but she is of a much higher caliber. She also leaves you feeling empowered, even when she tells you something you don't want to hear. She is truly amazing and I am happy I spoke to her!

- Kim from NJ  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

Destiny Childs is the real deal. I feel like I can talk to her about any and everything,and I always know that I'm going to get a straight and honest answer. She makes me feel so much better after I talk to her. Even though I've never met her in person I feel like she is a great person. She will tell you the truth no matter what. And I truly appreciate her honesty. She is the BEST

- Angelique from MI  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I just want to say that Destiny's Child is AWESOME. She AWAYS tells the truth and is loving and kind. I have been reading with her for two years and she is the best!! If you want TRUTH and ACCURACY call Destiny Childs

- A from MI  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I've had tons of Psychic readings over the years from lots of different Psychics and there are the want a be Psychics (still trying to hone their gift)and then there's Destiny. She is the real deal she won't waste your money or time and will get to the core of the situation immediately. I have called her with a few serious problems that I won't share with anyone but her. Her will help you understand what's really going on. Destiny is a true blessing. Thank you Destiny!!!

- Jenny from NC  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

My readings with Destiny's Child are on point everytime. She is able to describe my situation and the people around me. I am completely blown away and I am thankful for her guidance and feedback.

- Lindsay from TX,  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

I spoke to Destiny Child and she was right on the money. She is a straight shooter even though she said some things that I didnt want to hear but it was the truth. Thank you Destiny, God Bless you.

- Leesa from GA,  Reading with Destiny Child at Ext 743


- Jessica from AR,  Reading with Destiny Child at Ext 743

I was impressed. This lady is the real deal. She picked up on the people around me and described details about them that I never told her. I will be calling back again. Thanks so much!

- Mary from ,  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743

she is very good, today i feel better after talking with her,

- Diana from NY,  Reading with Destiny's Child at Ext 743