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Hi my name is Adriana (extension 498) I help people with my special gifts which include astrology, tarot readings, and speaking to Angels. I specialize in using my intuitive abilities to find missing items as well as solving relationship problems. I am honest, compassionate, and straight forward. Please call me today.

This is amazing, I am working with her for a few months now, and almost all her predictions became true, even time frame is so accurate!! I am very happy to work with her;))

- Anya from Boston, MA,  Reading with Adriana at Ext 498

Adriana ext 498 is really good. I have talked to several psychics and she is the best. She is very fast and doesn't waste a lot of time. She described the situation I was in exactly the way it is. She described my boyfriend and the things that are going on so good it was crazy. It is almost like she is there and sees everything. Try her you will get your money's worth. And several things she said, the first time, actually happened that day later in the afternoon.

- Nancy from LA,  Reading with Adriana at Ext 498